“Be comfortable in your skin, and let animals keep theirs!” -Kate Steen

Kate is known around the world as being Canada’s first pin-up girl for the Canadian Military. Back in 2002, donning nothing but the Canadian Flag, Kate was chosen to do a postcard for Canadian troops in Afghanistan. Kate was invited to visit the army base in Kandahar, but respecting her parents’ wishes she declined the offer. Kate’s modelling career has taken her around the globe for photoshoots. Her favourite places include Cayman Island, Croatia and Italy. Kate has been featured on billboards, banners, Cash for Life tickets and had her image plastered on the side of 18 wheelers. She has graced bridal magazine covers and has been featured in advertisements in Self, Vogue, and Today’s Bride magazines to name a few.

Throughout Kate’s career she has turned down many offers from magazines such as Playboy and various roles in movies and tv shows wanting her to bare it all. She has never felt the pressure for fast fame or a larger paycheck. Kate’s first speaking role at the age of 19 was in a 341 pizza commercial and since then she has done over 40 National and US National commercials, from Miller Lite to Advil.

Kate has had roles in many T.V shows and movies including Relic Hunter, Due South, FX, The Crooked E, Three to Tango, and more recently Scare Tactics, She’s the Mayor, and as a regular cast member on Howie Mandel’s hidden camera show-Howie Do It.

Kate’s real passion in life is her unconditional love for animals, and she makes every effort to be a voice for them whenever possible.
She is a member of both the PETA and IFAW organizations and volunteers for them whenever her schedule allows. Most recently she was part of a protest at a slaughterhouse in Toronto which highlighted the inhumane treatment of pigs. She has also been very active in her efforts to help end the annual slaughter of Canadian seals and organized a protest this past April which not only brought the public’s attention to the actual inhumane and needless slaughter of our marine life but also clearly indicated the millions of taxpayer’s dollars spent on subsidizing the killing of seal pups.

Please follow Kate’s blog to see what she has been up too, and to find out how you can be a part of making this world a better place for animals locally and around the world.

KATE’s 25

My Favourite Number | Random things you didn’t know about ME!

1. My strangest TV role was an alien, cheerleader surgeon.
2. I collect retro resin globe lamps from the 1960s.
3. I believe in ghosts, aliens, and past lives, and have seen a UFO, many ghosts, and believe I was at the original Woodstock.
4. By nature, I am actually a very shy person.
5. I love playing football – in the mud.
6. I am a “bikini addict”. I own over 300 bikinis, not including my own designs.
7. Daisies are my favourite flower
8. I am completely toned deaf…but I’m a karaoke addict. I am so bad I have cleared a bar and been kicked off stage.
9. I love sleeping outside and prefer a tent to a 5-star hotel any day.
10. Thunderstorms are my favourite weather.
11. I have a big celebrity crush on Curtis Stone
12. I really like feet, especially ones with tan lines.
13. I have been sprayed by a skunk, attacked by a rattlesnake, and chewed on by a tiger.
14. One night I broke my leg practicing a tackle move – I didn’t go to the hospital and instead went out dancing…
15. I love water – ocean, lake, hot tub, puddle….doesn’t matter.
16. I have a disco ball in my bedroom.
17. Computers, cell phones, and anything “techy” stops working when I am around…my ex wouldn’t even let me in the same room as his laptop.
18. I am an instant coffee addict.
19. I am a very spiritual person and believe in Buddhism and Karma.
20. I am not a very good cook but I can make a margarita that will knock you off your feet.
21. I think knee socks are super sexy.
22. I am a Vegetarian… I love animals so I don’t eat them.
23. I have a 1971 Volkswagen Super Beetle.
24. I’m a bit of a nerd. Just for fun, I decided to go back to University part-time, at age 28, to get a degree in Psychology/Neuroscience.
25. I am a sucker for a guy that can play guitar.